Stabiliser Installation


Boat roll is uncomfortable, tiring, and probably the greatest cause of seasickness while onboard. Due to this a number of projects we have managed were to install stabilisers.

The most common retrofits are with Seakeeper gyro stabilisers, a device known as a Control Moment Gyro to exert a powerful righting force that virtually eliminates boat roll. It has a flywheel that spins in a near vacuum, virtually eliminating air friction, making for low power consumption and weight. Controlled by state-of-the-art motion sensors and computer processors, the Seakeeper Gyro is one of the more astonishing uses of technology to improve human comfort.

Installation of the Seakeeper stabilizers requires reinforcement of the hull structure to ensure that forces from the Gyro are properly transferred to the hull.  We provide the structural design and builder support necessary for the successful installation of the stabilizers.